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Work samples for Years 7-10 Civics and Citizenship

21 September 2017

Work samples portfolios for Years 7-10 Civics and Citizenship have been published on the Australian Curriculum website. The work samples portfolios show ‘satisfactory’ and ‘above satisfactory’ student achievement of curriculum standards for Years 7-10 in Civics and Citizenship.

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Schools and students give NAPLAN online a thumbs up

19 September 2017

Over the past five weeks, schools across Australia have been participating in school readiness testing to prepare for the move to NAPLAN Online. School readiness testing finishes this week with teachers, schools and students generally finding the online experience a positive one.          

“Across the country schools have participated in school readiness testing as part of the preparation to move NAPLAN online from next year,” said ACARA’s General Manager of Assessment and Reporting, Dr Stanley Rabinowitz.

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Activities in schools for NAP

14 August 2017

The National Assessment Program (NAP), which includes NAPLAN, is run at the direction of the Education Council and is an important measure through which governments, education authorities and schools can determine if young Australians are meeting important education outcomes.

There are currently two NAP activities underway in schools. 

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Statement in relation to AEU correspondence with ministers

07 September 2017

Federal, state and territory education ministers have agreed that NAPLAN will move online over a two–three-year transition period.

The benefits of moving to NAPLAN Online include: better assessment; faster turnaround of results to teachers and parents; more precise measurement of student ability; and a test that is more engaging for students.

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ACARA's new corporate plan published

04 September 2017

On 31 August, ACARA published its 2017–18 corporate plan, which sets the ACARA's purposes and performance measures for the 2017–18 year as well as authority's responsibilities and priorities for the next four years.

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The importance of a History curriculum

29 August 2017

Following recent discussions about history and what is taught in schools, ACARA CEO, Robert Randall, reiterates the importance of the subject:

The study of history is a significant part of the education of all young Australians.

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ACARA - Assessment


We run the National Assessment Program – the national tests students sit in school – including NAPLAN.

We undertake a range of research activities to deliver NAPLAN tests in an online environment in the future.

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