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ACARA Annual Report 2020–21

19 October 2021

ACARA has published its annual report that documents ACARA’s performance and operations for the 2020–21 financial year.

Visit the ''ACARA reports and publications' page of this website to view the ACARA annual report 2020–21.

The Australian Curriculum is moving from Version 8.4 to Version 9.0

21 September 2021

The current Australian Curriculum, Version 8.4, is being reviewed. 

In 2008, all governments agreed a national curriculum was needed to deliver an equitable, quality education for all young Australians and the national curriculum was developed over a number of years. 

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NAP–ICTL 2021 postponement

06 September 2021

Due to the current COVID-19 situation and the ongoing restrictions that face schools in several jurisdictions, education ministers have agreed to postpone the National Assessment Program – Information and Communications Technology Literacy (NAP–ICTL) main study 2021 and the NAP sample assessment program by 12 months.   

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ACARA CEO addresses SMH School Summit

01 March 2021

ACARA CEO, David de Carvalho, recently took to the stage as part of the third annual Sydney Morning Herald Schools Summit to discuss the upcoming Australian Curriculum Review.

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Redfern Speech anniversary

21 December 2020

In December we reflected on the landmark Redfern Speech made in 1992 by former Australian Prime Minister, Paul Keating.

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ACARA CEO meets with teachers

21 December 2020

ACARA CEO, David de Carvalho, recently caught up with board members of the Australian Professional Teachers Association (APTA) to give them an update on the progress of the review of the Australian Curriculum.

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ACARA - Assessment


We run the National Assessment Program – the national tests students sit in school – including NAPLAN.

We undertake a range of research activities to deliver NAPLAN tests in an online environment in the future.

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