Curriculum (Version 8.4) 

Review of the Australian Curriculum 
On 12 June 2020, education ministers agreed that it was timely to review the Foundation – Year 10 Australian Curriculum, Version 8.4, which has been in place since 2015. Once approved, the updated Australian Curriculum will be known as Version 9.0. 
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ACARA has developed the Australian Curriculum. It gives teachers, parents, students and the community a clear understanding of what students should learn, regardless of where in Australia they live or which school they attend.  

ACARA widely consulted with the best national talent and expertise and the national curriculum was introduced to improve the quality, equity and transparency of Australia’s education system. 

Over the years new learning areas and subjects were progressively added to the Australian Curriculum (F-10) resulting in different versions.  

All eight learning areas were revised as an outcome of the 2014 Australian Government Review of the Australian Curriculum (Version 8.0) Ministers also agreed, following a separate review of ACARA in 2015, that the Australian Curriculum should be reviewed by ACARA every six years, with the first cycle to commence in 2020-2021. You can read about the latest Review here

Version 8.4 is the current curriculum in use today and you can read more about the different versions of the Australian Curriculum here. Once approved, the updated Australian Curriculum will be known as Version 9.0. 

In this section, find historic information about the development of the Australian Curriculum: