ACARA Data Access Program

About the program

ACARA collects, analyses and reports statistical and related information about schools and the outcomes of schooling, as required by the COAG Education Council under ACARA’s Charter.

ACARA’s work in this area is undertaken under the Council’s Principles and Protocols for Reporting on Schooling in Australia (2009), which are intended to guide and inform the use and publication of data generated in the process of measuring the performance of schooling in Australia.

ACARA provides access to the data collected for third parties under the Data Access Protocols – 2015 revision. Please review the Protocols before submitting a data access application.

Data available

School Profile 2018 (XLSX 1,657 kb)

School Profile 2008-2018 (XLSX 14,671 kb)

School locations 2018 (XLSX 1,428 kb)

The following standard data are available subject to completion of the application form below:

NAPLAN results data dictionary 

NAPLAN results similar schools data dictionary 

NAPLAN student gain data dictionary 

NAPLAN student gain similar schools data dictionary 

NAPLAN student gain same starting score data dictionary 

Student attendance data dictionary 

VET in Schools data dictionary 

Senior secondary outcomes data dictionary 

Finance data dictionary 

Enrolments by grade data dictionary 

Deidentified student level dataset 
(Intended for use by researchers. Schools cannot be identified from this product.)

Data request application

Download the Data request form.

National Report on Schooling data portal

ACARA also has an interactive resource, called the National Report on Schooling data portal.

It is updated with the most recently available data and provides access to a number of national data sets for schooling relevant to the annual national report on schooling in Australia.

This includes key performance measure data and data on schools and schooling, such as:

  • school numbers, student numbers and staff numbers
  • student–teacher ratios
  • school funding
  • teacher education
  • Year 12 certification rates.

You can find the National Report on Schooling data portal on the ACARA website.

Data Access Program: enquiries

Email queries regarding the Data Access Program to [email protected]