ACARA news, September 2021

The Australian Curriculum is moving from Version 8.4 to Version 9.0

21 September 2021

The current Australian Curriculum, Version 8.4, is being reviewed. 

In 2008, all governments agreed a national curriculum was needed to deliver an equitable, quality education for all young Australians and the national curriculum was developed over a number of years. 

Over the years new learning areas and subjects were progressively added to the Australian Curriculum (F-10) 

2008All governments agreed to a national curriculum 
2010Australian Curriculum released with English, Mathematics, Science and History Foundation to Year 10 (Version 1.0)
2011-2012English, Mathematics, Science and History subjects updated (Versions 2.0 and 3.0)
2012Addition of senior secondary (Years 11-12) curriculum in these four subject areas (Version 4.0)
2013Geography added (Version 5.0)
2014Health and Physical Education, Technologies, The Arts and some subjects in Humanities and Social Sciences added (Version 6.0) as well as some Languages (Version 7.0)
2015All eight learning areas revised as an outcome of the 2014 Australian Government Review of the Australian Curriculum (Version 8.0)

Ministers also agreed, following a separate review of ACARA in 2015, that the Australian Curriculum should be reviewed by ACARA every six years, with the first cycle to commence in 2020-2021.  

2015-2020Minor updates and editorial adjustments to the curriculum (Version 8.4, the current curriculum in use today)
2020Ministers agreed the Terms of Reference for the current review of the Australian Curriculum
Post 2020Extensive consultation by ACARA on proposed revisions, including an open public consultation process during April-July 2021.


The Australian Curriculum – Version 9.0 

Final revisions to the Australian Curriculum will be provided to education ministers for their consideration and endorsement and once approved, the next version of the Australian Curriculum, Version 9.0, will be published on a new website in 2022. 

States and territories implement the Australian Curriculum according to their own timeline. Version 8.4 will remain available on the current Australian Curriculum website at the same time that Version 9.0 is published on the new website, to support transition planning.  

During the transition period over the next few years both Version 8.4 and Version 9.0 will be available.  

Regular visitors to the Australian Curriculum website will start to see Version 8.4 labels begin to appear on the current Curriculum, making it clear to users which version of the Australian Curriculum they are reading and using.  

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NAP–ICTL 2021 postponement

06 September 2021

Due to the current COVID-19 situation and the ongoing restrictions that face schools in several jurisdictions, education ministers have agreed to postpone the National Assessment Program – Information and Communications Technology Literacy (NAP–ICTL) main study 2021 and the NAP sample assessment program by 12 months.   

The NAP–ICTL assessment was due to be run in October and November, with schools to begin preparations in September. Ministers have taken this decision now to prevent uncertainty, and allow schools and families to focus on teaching and learning amid difficult ongoing circumstances.

The NAP sample assessment cycle will continue from 2022, with the NAP–ICTL main study proceeding then. No field trial will be required for 2022 as the NAP–ICTL field trial was already conducted in June 2021. This will reduce the burden of testing schools in 2022.

NAP–ICTL is a part of the NAPLAN sample assessment cycle, which tests students’ skills and understanding in science literacy, civics and citizenship, and information and communication technology (ICT) literacy. Only selected groups of students in Years 6 and 10 participate in these sample assessments, which are held on a rolling 3-yearly basis.