National Assessment Program

The National Assessment Program (NAP) encompasses tests endorsed by the Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs (MCEECDYA) including the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) and three-yearly sample assessments in science literacy, civics and citizenship, and ICT literacy.

ACARA manages the development of and oversees the delivery of tests for NAPLAN.

For information on NAPLAN (including test dates and resources) and NAP Sample Assessments, and other aspects of the National Assessment Program, visit the NAP website

Principles for National Online Assessment

At the 30 July 2013 SCSEEC (from 1 July 2014 known as Education Council) meeting, ministers agreed to guiding principles for national online assessment. The principles provide strategic direction to ACARA for online delivery of NAPLAN, which is provisionally targeted to commence in 2016, pending careful examination of transition issues. This follows SCSEEC’s previous commitment to trial an electronic onscreen delivery platform for National Assessment Program - Civics and Citizenship (NAP-CC) in 2013.

The principles are grouped under three broad headings that require online assessment to:

  • support quality teaching and learning;

  • deliver better national and assessment information; and

  • broaden the curriculum coverage of assessments.

Improvements to the quality and nature of performance information at the national, state and territory levels are anticipated. However, the main benefits in moving to national online assessment should be experienced by students, teachers and parents. A national online assessment capability will enhance the NAP and will provide the opportunity to deliver new, flexible, optional, high quality assessments that support learning.