NAPLAN Results 

Please note that this page contains NAPLAN results for 2008 - 2022 only. For results from 2023 onwards, please click here.

Student achievement is reported as average NAPLAN scores, as percentages of students achieving the national minimum standard and as percentages of students achieving within bands for each domain and year level.

The time series page provides a set of NAPLAN results from the base year to the current year and comparisons of the current against previous and base years.

NAPLAN results are available with selected analysis in the interactive report below. All results can also be downloaded as a single Microsoft Excel file for further analysis.

To view the annual reports, please click here. For a full glossary of terms relating to the report and NAPLAN please click here.

Excel download

Download the latest Excel dataset here (15.7 Mb)

Previous NAPLAN National Reports and Technical Reports

NAPLAN National Reports, along with technical reports, are available as a PDF here.

Comparison of results

In addition, the average annual change in achievement is reported, as well as an indicator of non-linear long-term trends.
All reported comparisons were tested for statistical significance. Tests for statistical significance ensure that reported differences are not merely caused by chance, but reflect real differences. These tests, however, do not describe the size of the difference. Therefore, a representation of the nature of the difference is provided.

Key performance measures

Additional Analysis

Note: Education ministers made the decision to cancel NAPLAN in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, there are no results available for 2020 in the trends charts.

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