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March 2022

NAPLAN improvements

Education ministers have announced a series of improvements to the National Assessment Program, which will enhance NAPLAN as a measure that allows teachers, schools, governments and parents to support students, and ensure they are gaining important literacy and numeracy skills.   NAPLAN testing will move from May to March in 2023. Separate opt-in assessments in science literacy, civics and citizenship, and digital literacy will also gradually be available from Term 2, 2024.   The improvements mean that valuable data will be available earlier in the school year to inform teaching and learning programs, and to give teachers and parents additional information about students’ performance.   The new opt-in assessments for Year 6 and Year 10 students will start with science in 2024.   For more information, visit our website.

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My School 2022 Update

The My School website has been updated for 2022 with new data, including the first NAPLAN results and attendance data in 2 years.  The data update includes fresh school-level NAPLAN data, which means parents have the opportunity to compare 2021 results with previous years.  It includes a range of information including: 

  • 2021 NAPLAN results  
  • 2021 school profiles and population, and school attendance  
  • 2020 school financial and post-school destinations information  

Users can search for any school and find out a range of information such as how many students and teachers are at the school, attendance rates, funding levels and sources, and NAPLAN results.   Our student progress information in particular provides a measure of a school’s impact on its students’ literacy and numeracy outcomes – the difference schools have made to their students’ learning between one NAPLAN test and the next, 2 years later.   ACARA did some research recently with EY Sweeney on what parents use the site for. The survey indicated that 44% of parents surveyed visit the website to see how their child’s school is performing in literacy and numeracy, and 32% do so to fairly compare their child’s school’s performance with other schools.   For more information read the media release.

My school data - 2022 -ACARA update

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