ACARA's gifts and benefits register

ACARA is committed to transparency and accountability, and complies with the Australian Public Service Commission’s Guidance for Agency Heads – Gifts and Benefits (2019). All gifts or benefits valued at over AUD100 accepted by an ACARA staff member are published on our gifts and benefits register as detailed below.

ACARA collects personal information about the donor (including their name, organisation and country) and the recipient staff member for inclusion in our register within 28 days of receipt of the gift or benefit.

If you have any concerns about the inclusion of your personal information in our register, you can contact ACARA’s Board Secretary on 02 8098 3100. Information about how ACARA handles personal information is contained in our privacy policy.


Date received

Date recorded

Description of gift or benefit

Estimated value,

Presented by
(giver’s name, organisation, country)

Received by (name, role)