The school income and capital expenditure for government and non-government schools data below is aggregated from the My School finance collection.
All data is collected for a calendar year and includes data for non-active schools where available.

Non-systemic Catholic schools are schools which identify as Catholic, but are not administered by or funded through the Catholic diocese and are run independently. For the National Schools Statistics Collection of non-finance data these schools are classified as Catholic, based on their religious affiliation. However, from a financial perspective these schools are independent. For convenience, an option is available in the views below so that these schools can be included in either Catholic or independent sectors.

Notes and caveats

    • Important Note: there are key differences between the 'School income and capital expenditure for government and non-government schools' - My School finance data (based on a calendar year) and the 'Government expenditure on government schools' - National Schools Statistics Collection (NSSC) finance data (based on a financial year). The income-based finance data from My School should not be compared to the expenditure-based finance data from NSSC (Finance).
    • The Australian Government provided increased assistance in 2020 to some non-government schools in response to COVID-19.
    • In the My School data collection, a number of Catholic non-systemic schools, mainly in NSW, are classified as independent schools. This affects finance data for those states and nationally, for the Catholic and independent sectors reported in this data set. An option has been provided to allow the viewer to choose whether to include these non-systemic Catholic schools in the independent or Catholic sector in data views.
    • The methodology and other associated material related to My School finance data classification may be obtained from the My School website.
    • For further information on My School finance data, please see the School Funding section of the relevant edition of the National Report on Schooling in Australia.
    • NRIPS (Net recurrent income per student) = Total gross income per student minus deductions per student.
    • Total gross income excludes income from government capital grants.
    • Income allocated to debt servicing includes principal repayments and interest on loans.
    • Data is aggregated by the school attributes (school sector, geolocation and school type) for the latest available year, rather than allowing minor changes in these attributes over time to impact on the time series.
    • From 2016 to 2017, the method used to calculate NSW government school income from fees, charges and parental contributions and other private sources was changed for data quality purposes. This change affects the comparability of the 2017 and later years' data for NSW government schools with previous years' data.

Source: ACARA My School Finance Data Collection

This information relates to Part 4 of the National Report on Schooling in Australia.

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