Board membership

The ACARA Board was announced in May 2009 and held its first meeting on 21–22 May 2009. The ACARA Board has a Chair, Deputy Chair and 11 other members, representing the Australian Government and all education streams (independent, government and Catholic) across states and territories. 


ACARA Board members

Board member Appointment commencement   Appointment term ending 
 Ms Belinda Robinson FAICD, 
 3 August 2018  3 August 2021
 Mr Norm Hart, Deputy Chair 
 immediate past president, Australian Primary Principals
 Association (retired)
 24 May 2018  24 May 2021
 Mr Allan Blagaich
 Executive Director, School Curriculum and Standards
 Authority, WA Department of Education and Training
 22 May 2018  22 May 2021
 Ms Susan Bowden, 
 Executive Director, Education Policy and Programs, NT
 Department of Education
 14 July 2013  22 May 2019
 Ms Susan Cameron,
Executive Director, Learning Improvement, SA Department
 of Education and Child Development
 18 June 2017  18 June 2020
 Mr David de Carvalho, 
 Chief Executive Officer, NSW Education Standards Authority     
 30 November 2017 30 November 2020 
 Ms Deb Efthymiades, 
 Deputy Director-General, System Policy and Reform Division,
 ACT Education Directorate
 22 November 2016  7 November 2019
 Ms Valerie Gould, 
 Executive Director, WA Association of Independent
 7 July 2014 18 June 2020 
 Mr Michael Hewitson AM, 
 retired foundation principal of Trinity College, Gawler, now
 Mayor, Unley (SA), and author
 7 July 2014  30 November 2020
 Dr David Howes, 
 Chief Executive Officer of the Vic. Curriculum and
 Assessment Authority (VCAA)
 16 June 2015 3 August 2021 
 Dr Neil McGoran
 Director of Catholic Education, SA (CESA)
 22 May 2018 22 May 2021 

 Board members may be reappointed.
 The maximum period of appointment cannot exceed six years.