Testimonials, June 2014

Teacher says she teaches coding in Years 2–6: See ACARA’s Facebook page

'The NAPLAN data is only a snapshot of student performance over three days in May, but it provides a health check of our education system and highlights examples of exemplary schools.’

Justine Ferrarri, The Australian

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'Parents were generally positive to the idea of the launch of the My School website as an additional tool to source information about their children’s school or prospective schools.'

'Parents and teachers had positive views of NAPLAN and benefits to both schools and students were recognised.'

Colmar Brunton Research

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‘I believe language for every child is very important so it's something that I would personally like to see happen but each school has to make their decision about what they value.’

Phil Irvine, Principal, Campsie Primary School

‘It is perfectly sensible and intelligent for Latin to be on the national curriculum. I did Latin at school. It’s a very, very good thing to do.’

Christopher Pyne, Minister for Education

‘I was disappointed to see The Courier-Mail taking such a negative attitude to the addition of Latin to the national curriculum (C-M, ¬June 20). Contrary to the impression given in the article, Latin is not being made compulsory. Spanish, Mandarin, Chinese and French will still be able to be taught. The only difference is that now schools can choose to add Latin and Greek to their suite of offerings. And that’s a good thing.’

Alastair Blanshard,
Paul Eliadis, Professor of Classics and Ancient History,
the University of Queensland

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'Thank you very much for what I thought was a very successful professional learning opportunity. I know I walked away with lots of new ideas and a better understanding of the Australian Curriculum and how we can implement it more efficiently at our school. I also found it very useful and interesting to work with other teachers across Australia on the same curriculum.'

Tiffany Ward, Year 5 teacher, ACT,
participant in the ACARA workshop on Work Samples for the Australian Curriculum: humanities and social sciences, 5–6 June 2014