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My School enables you to search the profiles of almost 10,000 Australian schools. My School is an Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) information service. ACARA is an independent authority with functions including the publishing of nationally comparable data on all Australian schools.

This responsibility is derived from the ACARA Act (viewable at, and through the decisions of the Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs (MCEECDYA). More information about MCEECDYA can be viewed at

Information on this site has been provided by individual schools and education authorities.

The performance of schools on NAPLAN tests is greatly affected by a range of student intake and school location characteristics. When comparing schools, it is important to compare like with like. The My School website enables and encourages comparisons with schools that are statistically similar in terms of a range of factors known to affect test performance.

My School has undergone a number of changes since its first release at the end of January 2010. These changes reflect decisions made by ministers for education and feedback from stakeholder and consumer groups. In particular, advice was provided by the My School Working Party, comprising teacher, principal, and parent representatives, plus others with relevant expertise.

Key changes that have been made to the website for 2012 include:
  • a new page reporting student participation in Vocational Education and Training courses while at school;
  • enhanced representations of gain for students who sat NAPLAN tests in 2008 and 2010, or 2009 and 2011; and
  • an additional year of information for all schools, with four years of performance data now available


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