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Geography - Foundation to Year 12

Foundation to Year 10 Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum in geography includes:

The F-10 Australian Curriculum: Geography provides opportunities for students to investigate, analyse and explain the characteristics of the places that make up our world.

Implementing the Foundation to Year 10 Australian Curriculum: Geography

The Australian Curriculum: Geography has been published on the Australian Curriculum website as endorsed ensorsed in May 2013. The Foundation to year 10 Australian Curriculum: Geography can be found at

Development of the Foundation - Year 10 Australian Curriculum: Geography

Geography Initial Advice paper

Following the position paper, ACARA appointed Associate Professor Alaric Maude as the lead writer for the development of the Shape Paper for geography. With the assistance of an advisory group, Professor Maude has drafted the Initial Advice paper, which was examined at a national forum on 27 April 2010 The national forum included over 120 experts and stakeholders across the education community.
View  Associate Professor Maude's short biography.
View the composition of the Geography advisory group members (Shaping phase)

Geography Position paper

The development of the Australian Curriculum for geography began with a position paper in relation to key matters, including the definition of geography, the organisation of the curriculum, the structure of the curriculum for the senior courses and geography's relationship to other learning areas and subjects.
In developing the position paper for the geography curriculum, ACARA was assisted by a reference group composed of teachers, school leaders, academics and curriculum experts.
View the composition of the Reference Group members.

Shape of the Foundation to Year 12 Australian Curriculum 

Shape of the Australian Curriculum: Geography paper

Consultation on the draft Shape of the Australian Curriculum: Geography  was held between June 2010 and August 2010. ACARA received over 600 responses nationally to the online questionnaire and over 30 written submissions. Feedback from the national panel meeting and state and territory consultation led to the revision of the draft Shape Paper to become the final Shape of the Australian Curriculum: Geography paper.
View the Draft Shape of the Australian Curriculum: Geography Paper Consultation Feedback Report


Writing of the Foundation to Year 10 and Senior Secondary Australian Curriculum: Geography

The draft F-12 Australian Curriculum: Geography was released for online public consultation from 19 October 2011 to 29 February 2012. Validation of the achievement standards and revisions to the curriculum occurred during August 2012. The advisory panel offered advice to the curriculum writers about the development of the F-12 Australian Curriculum: Geography. The advisory panel and curriculum writing team include academics, school leaders, teachers, members of professional associations and curriculum experts from across Australia.
The writing of content for the F-10 Australian Curriculum: Geography commenced in 2011 with input from advisory group members and writers. The curriculum has undergone extensive consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, critical friend reviews and international benchmarking. It was developed with reference to the Shape of the Australian Curriculum; Geography (2011) and the Curriculum Design Paper v3.0 (ACARA, 2012).  The final F-10 Australian Curriculum: Geography was published on the Australian Curriculum website on Monday 20 May 2013 and the senior secondary Australian Curriculum: Geography was published on Monday 5 August 2013.

Validation of achievement standards

Validation of the F-10 Australian Curriculum: Geography achievement standards commenced in August 2012. The purpose of validation is to ensure that the achievement standards provide a clear progression of achievement across each year of learning in the revised curriculum. As part of this process, ACARA held workshops with teachers and curriculum experts from across the country to critique and provide feedback about the pitch, progression and clarity of the achievement standards. The achievement standards were revised in response to this feedback.

Draft Australian Curriculum: Geography Consultation

ACARA consulted on the draft F-12 Australian Curriculum: Geography from 19 October 2011 to 29 February 2012. More than 180 responses to the online survey and 62 written submissions were received by ACARA. Read the Draft F–12 Australian Curriculum: Geography Consultation Report. Feedback from consultation informed revision to the draft curriculum in preparation for validation of the achievement standards.

Advisory Group for Geography (Writing Phase)

View the composition of the Geography Advisory Group members


Development of the F-12 Geography Timeline