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Economics and Business

 Timeline_Economics and Business

The economics and business curriculum explores aspects of economics and business that affect daily life. Students will learn about the role that individuals, businesses and governments play in the economy, the way they make decisions about how to allocate resources and the effects of these decisions.

Through studying economics and business, students will develop consumer and financial literacy skills, enterprising capabilities, and the ability to make responsible and informed decisions. These skills will allow students to face challenges of the 21st century, to maximize their opportunities for productive and rewarding futures and to make a contribution to the economy. The curriculum will enable students to engage with the economy as business and financially literate citizens locally, nationally, regionally and globally, both now and in the future.

Writing of the Years 5–10 Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business

Australian Curriculum: Draft Economics and Business Consultation

ACARA consulted on the Draft Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business from 6 May to 19 July 2013. More than 550 responses to the online survey and 81 written submissions were received by ACARA. Read the Draft Australian Curriculum Economics and Business Consultation Report. Feedback from consultation informed revision to the draft curriculum in preparation for validation of the achievement standards. 


Advisory group and writers for Economics and Business (Writing phase)

In December 2012 ACARA appointed writers and advisory group members for the writing phase. The selection process for the writers and the Advisory Group (Writing phase) involved the evaluation of over 40 applications from teachers, professional associations, education authorities, academics and industry professionals from all states and territories.

The Economics and Business Advisory Group (Writing phase) was established to provide balance of informed views on the Economic and Business curriculum. Members included curriculum experts from a range of states and territories, economics and business specialisations and stages of schooling.

Writing began with an induction program in December 2012. One Coach was appointed for the writing phase, Dr Alex Millmow.

View the composition of the Economics and Business Advisory Group (Writing Phase)

Validation of achievement standards

Validation of the draft Years 5–10 Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business achievement standards commenced on 14 August 2013. The purpose of validation is to ensure that the achievement standards provide a clear progression of achievement across the year levels. As part of this process, ACARA hosted workshops with teachers and curriculum experts from across the country to receive critique and feedback about the pitch, progression and clarity of the draft achievement standards. The revised curriculum prepared for the validation of achievement standards was made available for viewing on the ACARA website. This draft work in progress, was not a formal consultation document. Additional refinements were made in response to feedback from participants in the validation process.

Shaping of the Years 5–10 Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business

Shape of the Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business

The Shape of the Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business sets a broad direction for the writing of the Australian Curriculum for Economics and Business and has been developed with significant input from teachers, academics, professional teachers' associations, education authorities and the Economics and Business community.

Draft Shape of the Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business Consultation


Draft Shape of the Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business

The Draft Shape of the Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business was developed in 2012. Significant consultation occurred across Australia. The comments, suggestions and findings of the consultation informed the final Shape of the Australia Curriculum: Economics and Business.