Issue 23
Tuesday, 24 May 2011

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The Arts

The selection of curriculum writers and members of the advisory panel for the Arts is almost complete. Nearly 400 expressions of interest were received from across the country and overseas. All applicants are commended on their passion for Arts education in our schools and the time and commitment taken to prepare these applications.

ACARA appreciates the level of interest in contributing to the development of the Australian Arts curriculum. The representatives selected for the Advisory Panel are currently being advised of their appointments, and the composition of the panel will be announced shortly on the ACARA website

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General capabilities in the Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum is underpinned by seven general capabilities – literacy, numeracy, information and communication technology (ICT) competence, critical and creative thinking, personal and social competence, ethical behaviour and intercultural understanding.

The nature, scope and significance of the general capabilities in the Australian Curriculum are described on the general capabilities section of the Australian Curriculum website at

To ensure the strong and coherent inclusion of general capabilities in the Australian Curriculum, ACARA has also prepared conceptual statements and continua for each capability. Originally these materials were developed to support writers of English, mathematics, science and history (Foundation to Year 10). They have now been revised to assist teachers in planning for and guiding general capabilities learning within and across the learning areas.

ACARA will release these draft materials for consultation from mid-June to the end of July 2011. Individuals and groups who wish to give feedback on general capabilities’ materials will be able to do so by registering to provide feedback on the Consultation section of the Australian Curriculum Website.

Following consultation, general capabilities materials will be revised prior to publication on the Australian Curriculum site in November 2011.

For more information please contact Grette Toner, Senior Project Officer, Cross-curriculum, phone: 02 8098 3124 or email:


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